Our Team


Head of research (AI)

He has a degree of doctor in AI, is a world-leading AI expert, and helps in developing the company’s AI system. Former head of research at Spotify and a leading AI company

Mattias Lindahl

Head of business models

He is chairman of the board, a professor at Linköping University, an experienced project manager and expert on new types of circular and resource-efficient business models.

Fredrik Löfgren

Head of research (hardware)

He teaches robotics, AI at Linköping University, is an experienced public popular speaker, and robot developer, and entrepreneur. His strong vision about the future of automation brings life into our detectors.

Herbert Jacobson

Corporate lawyer

He is an associate professor at Linköping University, whose areas of expertise are comparative law, business law and new types of business contracts.

Joakim Lundberg

Financial Advisor

He has solid experience from different financial positions and has helped many companies to grow in a profitable way.